Ninad Jangle


Electronics Engineering student at V.J.T.I, Silicon enthusiast, Proficient in Circuit Design, RISC-V, Web Development and Automation.
Gsoc 21’ @FOSSi Foundation | 2nd Prize @7th Delta Advanced Automation Cup | Electronics Head @SRA VJTI

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Week 0.2

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  1. 27/05/2021:
    • Multiline text is not available as a type in Block Factory but it has been added to the developer docs. Seems like a recent feature, the blockly google groups have people trying to code this on their own.
    • Another source for multiline input in the Blockly core. An undocumented option: - from issue: -
    • Went through learn to react website:

  1. 28/05/2021:
    • React is looking a little less scary now. I guess the more I look at a framework the less scary it looks. I have had a slow start to React, TBH I feel, its like that for most things with me, I spend the first few days just getting a feel for stuff, slow starter. Its fine, language is just a way of saying things, what matters is the logic, and Ill get the hang of the language as I work with it more.
A Small Start

  1. 29/05/2021:
    • Added new long term deliverables:
    • Remove verbose words from commands-(keep just , @, …)
    • Modify Expressions -(assign keyword)
    • Add connections to the TLV Code Block
    • Adding hierarchy
    • Adding when
    • Adding scope- (dropdown with path references)
    • Adding error handling
Stuck here

  1. 30/05/2021:
    • Took Off : Birthday
  2. 31/05/2021:
    • Took Off: Vaccine + Sick due to Vaccine
  3. 1/06/2021:
    • Took Off: Sick due to Vaccine
  4. 2/06/2021:
    • Took Off: Sick due to Vaccine