Ninad Jangle


Electronics Engineering student at V.J.T.I, Silicon enthusiast, Proficient in Circuit Design, RISC-V, Web Development and Automation.
Gsoc 21’ @FOSSi Foundation | 2nd Prize @7th Delta Advanced Automation Cup | Electronics Head @SRA VJTI

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Week 4

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  1. 24/06/2021:
    • Employed a very implistic permutations algortihm which creates all combinations for scope.
    • I need to make it smart, make sure only the relevant scopes come

  1. 25/06/2021:
    • Researched on clickable buttons
    • There are no buttons in blockly, double-checked
    • How to implement a clickable image in blockly
    • Tried implementing
      • But failed, one general opinion I found on the net was the JSON Blocks still hadn’t gotten the logic for an onClick Functionionality set in.
      • Need to see more
  2. 26/06/2021:
    • Took a day off to go on a Trek
  3. 27/06/2021:
    • Rewrote some of the code, In a git error and stuff I used force and some parts of my code got washed out
    • Also, there seem to be conflicts, sorting that out
    • Found the Answer!
      • Basically using extensions again and using a click handler on the image block.
      • the png acts as a field and we get that field and see click event on that.

  1. 28/06/2021:

  1. 29/06/2021:
    • Added the clickable button blocks for the retiming.
  2. 30/06/2021: