Ninad Jangle


Electronics Engineering student at V.J.T.I, Silicon enthusiast, Proficient in Circuit Design, RISC-V, Web Development and Automation.
Gsoc 21’ @FOSSi Foundation | 2nd Prize @7th Delta Advanced Automation Cup | Electronics Head @SRA VJTI

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Week 12

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  1. 19/08/2021:
    • Presented a validity demo run on call
    • Discussed further plans with GSoC Mentors
    • Worked on developing for GSoC Documentation
  2. 20/08/2021:
  3. 21/08/2021:
  4. 22/08/2021:
  5. 23/08/2021:
    • Started work on coding the MYTH CPU Core on the site.
    • Could not code it cause there was not a way to code multiple precursors and successors to the signal in the block.
  6. 24/08/2021:
    • Added the mulifuntional list block. Using this one can add a lot of different inline blocks and merge in one.
  7. 25/08/2021:
    • Tried coding the CPU again.
    • Got stuck again at the part where there is a ternary inside a statement.
    • My ternary system does ternary as statement inputs, required solution required a ternary solution which uses value inputs