Ninad Jangle


Electronics Engineering student at V.J.T.I, Silicon enthusiast, Proficient in Circuit Design, RISC-V, Web Development and Automation.
Gsoc 21’ @FOSSi Foundation | 2nd Prize @7th Delta Advanced Automation Cup | Electronics Head @SRA VJTI

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Week 6

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  1. 8/07/2021:
    • Got a dynamic category working but couldnot use getPallete
    • Written the code for pipesignal but its not registering the clicks yet.

  1. 9/07/2021:
  2. 10/07/2021:
    • converted all the React.createRefs to useRefs and componentDidMount to useEffects
    • Overuse of references is considered bad coding. HTML DOM operations where refs were previously used like textArea. The errors in Save Workspace and Copy to clipboard have been resolved
  3. 11/07/2021:
    • es5 -> es6 syntax conversion
  4. 12/07/2021:
    • CSS -> Bootstrap Styling.
    • Fixed the BlocklyDiv, Save Workspace, TextArea, BlocklyComponent and index.js of BlocklyComponent.
    • Reorganised the file structure. broke blocks.js and generator.js to individual files by catgories for a cleaner code.

  1. 13/07/2021:
    • Fixed the buttons except handlefileupload, I am not using a reference there anymore as they were causing issues in my previous versions. Even handleFileUpload is almost working, I am getting my program uploaded on console.log, its just an issue of the workspace render. By tomorrow morning the code will reach a stable version. safe side for tomorrows presentation.
    • Added Download Button

  1. 14/07/2021: